Houston company team building events are excelling in popularity as local businesses seek valuable training opportunities for their employees. Team building creates cohesion in your work centers and fosters a culture of cooperation. However, finding a suitable, distraction-free venue to host this training is often difficult. At Pierce Ranch House, our conveniently located, comfortable and serene ranch offers the ideal setting for company team building in Houston TX. Experience the natural beauty and privacy of our ranch today.

Pierce Ranch House — Your One-Stop Houston Company Team Ranch Retreat Location


Company event planners, call us to learn how our historic ranch can host your next corporate training session. Our clients return to our ranch repeatedly to escape the big city and allow their employees to train in a relaxed atmosphere free from distractions. We have facilities at our media-enabled Playhouse to accommodate up to 28 guests. Additionally, for small group training sessions, we offer several breakout rooms. All of our facilities are WiFi enabled.


If your team desires to hold a multi-day event, we can offer a wide range of on-site lodging options as well as point you to local motels all within a 10-minute drive of our ranch. Our company team ranch retreat in Houston TX main complex has six large, well-appointed bedrooms. Additionally, at the local Manager’s House, we can host up to 10 guests. For those looking for a more rustic experience, our KP hunting lodging can accommodate up to 28 guests.

Learn Why Pierce Ranch House Is the Top Choice for Houston Company Team Building

Invest in a memorable teambuilding experience. Let our Houston company team ranch retreat venue host your next corporate event in elegant serenity. Call our dedicated staff today and learn how our sophisticated facilities can play host to your training needs. Contact us at (979) 559-0204 or go online, peruse the wealth of information available on our website and send us an email.